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Go Gratitude Pendants and Oil

Go Gratitude Kit

Glazed Pendant

Au Natural Pendant

 Go Gratitude
5ml Essential Oil Blend

Love With a Grateful Heart Pendants and Oil

Grateful Heart Kit

Glazed Pendant

Au Natural Pendant

 Love With a Grateful Heart
5ml Essential Oil Blend

TerraSophia Essentials Collection is a gathering of Hand-Crafted, Love-Inspired wear-able HeART Peaces and essential oil blends.

Inspired by our Love for Mother Earth, and a passion for weaving Earth-wisdom and ART into every day Life, this collection is designed to nurture our Heart-Soul-Body-Mind, while re-connecting us to the essential elements of a well-loved Life. Our HeART Peace Pendants are crafted with Terra Cotta – pure, natural earthen clay – and impressed with the ‘Love with a Grateful HeART’ symbol.

Wearing these near our hearts, we feel the unified connection of our own Sacred Heart with Earth’s Heart and the Cosmic Heart.

This Divine Union of HeARTs assists in grounding us in the present, centering us at the Heart of Now, and opening us to Love with a Grateful HeART. Essential Oils — aka concentrated liquid magic gifted to us on behalf of the Plant and Flower People — aid in activating life-affirming vibrational and emotional states of health and well-being.

By merging EarthART with Essential Oils, we are working in harmony with Mother Earth, the Plant People, and the power of Intentional Creativity to offer these personal power tools – portable Altars of the Heart — to aid in our daily journey of Loving Self, Loving Earth, and All Creation.

Each HeART Peace in the TerraSophia Essentials line is one-of-a-kind, hand-made and unique just like YOU!

Beyond being wearable HeART for Beloveds of every age, these Peaces can be placed on your personal Altar, in your car, office or anywhere you feel inspired to infuse the area with Love and Gratitude!

They are also a fantastic gift to physically and energetically connect you with those in your inner-kindred-circle.