Love with a Grateful HeART Glazed Pendant

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By wearing and caring for your HeART Peace, you Create a daily ritual of Loving you.

By choosing to drop into center, to reconnect with the essentials of life, you are creating sacred space; a vibrational field attuning you to the gratefulness of Life and opening the way for Loving what is.

Each pendant is adorned with a spiraling-design, copper-coated brass bail and a 19″ silk twisted necklace. Pendant Measures approx 1” in diameter.

Due to the natural firing process and the way Elementals flow and merge together, every Pendant is Unique – just like YOU!

Buddha Not Included
Bring Your Own Buddha :-)

Each hand-made, Love-infused, kiln-fired TerraCotta Pendant is Impressed with the ‘Love With a Grateful heART’ symbol, artfully glazed with non-toxic earth elements and double-fired for strength and longevity.

These one-of-a kind heART peaces are designed to keep the heART center au natural, open, free to receive and diffuse any essential oil you choose!   A drop or two a day will do. Simply choose the oil that feels right for YOU!

Since the scent usually lasts a day or so, it’s easy to change-up and bring new oils in. Over time, blessed with intentional Love and care, each peace blooms into a powered up, portable personal Altar!

The vibrational essence and memory of every oil drop, every prayer, every breath and beat of the One Heart is layered and carried in each Peace.

This helps creates Sacred Space on the go, opens us be in the flow of Life while being grounded in our grateful hearts and Love for One and ALL.

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$57 Minus 25% Discount = $42.75
Order 3 or more and receive additional $5 off each

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