"Love With a Grateful Heart" 5 ml Essential Oil Blend

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TerraSophia Essential oil blends are small-batch-brewed.

Beginning on the New Moon, our therapeutic grade essentials oils are lovingly blended, then Infused with Heart-opening Rose Quartz, Peridot for grounded gratitude and Herkimer diamond for strength, clarity and longevity.

Our blends are allowed to settle and bloom for minimum one full moon cycle on our Altar, infused with our Love and Gratitude.

“Love with a Grateful heART” Essential Oil blend contains: Frankincense, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Cypress, Ylang Ylang,  Myrrh, Ginger, and Sacred Blue Lotus.

We use only 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils in our blends.

Sacred Blue Lotus, one of the most rare and prized of all essential oils, assists in opening us to our Highest Expression and Blooming where we are rooted on Earth.

Frankincense, known as the Oil of Truth, elevates our personal and spiritual Love while enhancing the potency of companion oils.

Blended together with heart-opening Bergamot, Cypress to ground us in the flow of Life, Grapefruit to uplift our mood and enhance self-love and appreciation, Ylang Ylang to reconnect us to our Inner Child and the Heart Knowing of Intuition . . .

Ginger to empower life-affirming choices and Myrrh to nurture our Soul’s relationship to Mother Earth…

Each drop invites us to return hOMe, to Bloom True to YOU, and choose to Love with Grateful heART.

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We are currently sold out.
$108 Minus 25% Discount = $81.00